Garden lighting

Garden lighting

High-quality luxury garden lighting

Our garden LED lighting is specially designed to give your outdoor space a luxurious look and to enrich your evenings in the garden. Whether you are looking for functional lighting for your garden path or an attractive addition to your terrace you will find it all with us. Our luxury garden lighting is not only durable and energy efficient, but also stylish and of the highest quality.

Xtreamled is happy to hear your wishes, think along with you and give advise on the correct application of LED lighting. 

Great diversity for a complete garden

Types of garden lighting

Xtreamled offers all types of outdoor lighting fixtures and spots to complete your garden.  

Reliable lighting in your garden

Luxury gardens

At Xtreamled, quality is of paramount importance. Our luminaires are manufactured from high-quality materials. This quality is equivalent to the luminaires we supply to the maritime world for luxury yachts. As a result we guarantee the quality you are looking for in your luxury garden

Luxury outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting fixture

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor lighting fixture? With us you will find a wide variety of outdoor fixtures. Our high-quality luminaires are designed to illuminate your outdoor space or indoor garden with a bright, natural light that provides both safety and atmosphere. Whether you're looking for a modern, clean look or something more traditional, we have a great selection of fixtures to choose from.

Our fixtures are durable, energy efficient and come with excellent warranties. Moreover, we are happy to install it for you.

View the range on and let us help you take your outdoor space to the next level!


Ground lighting

Ground fixtures

Upgrade your outdoor space to an oasis of luxury and comfort with luxury LED ground lights for gardens. With their subtle and warm glow, these lighting fixtures will beautifully accentuate your garden paths, flower beds and trees. Xtreamled's ground spot fixtures are energy efficient, durable and come with excellent warranties.

You can choose from a wide range of modern and traditional designs with which you can create a luxurious garden. 

View the different floor lamps in our catalogue.