Marine lighting

High-quality luxury LED lighting for maritime

Lighting is essential in shipping, both at night and during the day. Besides that, lighting is what completes your luxury yacht.

Do you need lighting for work, for security, for the atmosphere, quality of life or to illuminate an entire deck? Xtreamled is happy to hear your wishes, think along with you and advise on the correct application of the LED lighting. 

Xtreamled makes custom LED lighting for maritime and shipping and only works with the highest quality and sustainable products. 

Led lighting production

High-quality materials and components

Types of maritime lamps

LED lighting is essential on board a yacht, not only for functionality, but also for atmosphere and ambiance. When choosing LED lighting, pay attention to quality, durability and safety. And opt for dimming functions and smart controls for even more control. Improve the safety and sustainability of your yacht and create the perfect atmosphere on board with the right boat lighting.

At Xtreamled we produce various types of marine lamps:

Watertight LED yacht lighting

Protect and illuminate your boat with our waterproof LED lighting. Our high-quality boat lighting not only provides bright and long-lasting illumination for your boat, but is also designed to withstand the harshest marine conditions. From interior lighting to navigation lights and underwater lighting, our range of waterproof LED boat lighting is sure to take your boat to the next level.

Discover our full range on and order now to make your next adventure on the water even more unforgettable.